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Jewish Geography

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Nov 29, 2016

Welcome to the reboot of the Jewish Geography Podcast! I've been gone a long time and I've missed talking with you all out there. I'm bringing back the podcast in a new format, more free-flowing, less polished, and hopefully more likely to happen more often. In this episode I share a few thoughts on treating each other decently following the U.S. election, the fires and political scandals in Israel, and a farewell to the great Leonard Cohen.


Thank you to for providing the music playing in the background during parts of the podcast as well as tristan-lohengrin for his, ‘jingle-02’, plasterbrain for his, ‘podcast-jingle,’ and mansardian for his, ‘news jingle,’ all shared freely on Also thank you to Dan Foster for sharing his version of ‘Hatikva – The Hope’. This episode also includes a short clip of the song 'Born in Chains,' by Leonard Cohen.